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We raise public awareness of Hlučín Area; we support and promote the Hlučín Area Museum!



Hlučín Area is not only a geographic expression. It is a phenomenon with its specific history, which imprinted the region and its population its unique characteristic. To preserve its identity, it must become a thing of interest of rational people of various professions and generations willing to selflessly engage in the region’s benefit.
(from the Society’s regulations)

     The main mission of the citizens’ association is to preserve the original identity of the Hlučín region in all its forms (habits, traditions, history, folklore, material heritage etc.). The common denominator of all activities is enlightenment and raising public awareness about the Hlučín Area not only among visitors of the region, but primarily among local residents.
     Living creative society and its identity can be preserved for future generations only by people, who protect their own tradition, origins and who develop them meaningfully. As these are ideals of the Hlučín Area Museum, we have decided, as its supporters to name our association “Friends of the Hlučín Area Museum Society”. Just the active support of the Museum’s activity is our priority. Our association is non-political. We want to reach our goals in mutual cooperation with the Hlučín Area Municipalities Association as its good friend and helper. The subject of our interest is also open cooperation with schools and seats of learning in general, social organizations etc. We systematically communicate with local residents in order to preserve both; the material (helping the Museum collect exhibits) and intellectual (retain authentic evidences and memories of contemporary witnesses etc.) heritage.
     Dear citizens, we believe that our citizens’ association activities will meet your favour and gain popularity among you. After all, supporting origins and traditions we grow up from, strengthens our own identity. Your public support can be expressed on
Thank you for your favour.

• supporting establishing of a regular exposition focused on the whole Hlučín Area
• publishing national-history magazine „Hlučínsko“
• lectures, discussions
• exhibitions
• excursions
• thematic competitions for schools